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Product Description

Safety fences – perfect security for events and construction sites

Events and construction sites are subject to stringent safety requirements, including with regard protecting the premises. Our mobile barriers and safety and construction fences ensure maximum security at events and on construction sites. They are sturdy, flexible, and easy to assemble.

Barriers protect spectators, athletes, and performers at open-air events, festivals, or city runs. They allow secure access control or serve as crowd barriers in the audience section. With our barriers and fence elements, you can secure your event quickly and reliably, which guarantees smooth proceedings.

Construction sites must be secured comprehensively. They must be protected against entry by unauthorized persons and at the same time the site equipment must be secured and accident hazards prevented. With our police barriers and classic mobile fencing, you are always on the safe side.

No matter what you need in which quantity, our safety fences offer almost unlimited options to secure your premises perfectly. Benefit from our all-round service: delivery, installation, and disassembly – all inclusive.


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